Secretly Smitten Part 131




Maan woken up after long hours. He felt fresh. As like he had not been sleeping from long period. His mind felt burden free and it was amazing whatever he was feeling right now. He looked for Geet. Maan remembered how forcefully she had made him agreed for this rest. “But where is she?” he thought when didn’t find her in room and then, suddenly recalled her challenge. “She is really stupid! Did she went for dinner herself?” Thinking he rushed out of bed. He went in washroom and sprinkled cold water on face to make him look fresh and as turned to get towel, it was itself, presented there.


“Geet?, where were you?” He took towel from her and patted face. Geet was smiling, like something was running in her mind. Maan raised eyebrows. He knew, she was up to something. “What?” he asked.


“Nothing” Casually she said and turned to leave. He followed.


“Geet I know something is cooking in your mind. Tell me what’s this?”


“Why should I?, and by the way, Mama had come to call you for dinner”


“And you? Did you take your food and medicines?” and then he noticed she was walking out of room, and undoubtedly making him follow her too! “Where are you going?”


But she didn’t replied.


“Geet doctors have restricted you to walk, why you don’t listen me?”


“Oh please Maan, stop shouting on me. And I’m not going alone. See, you’re with me!” She smirked. She started moving downward. Downstairs, Alka and SD was presented. They smiled when saw Geet and started serving food in plates.


“Why everyone is smiling looking Geet?” Maan suspicion increased. “What is she going to do?” he worried. But though he couldn’t fight with her before all, he just gave his care to Geet and they reached.


“Come Geet, sit here” Alka said.


“First you sit mama and Dadima, then I will” Geet politely said. After everyone was getting seated on their seats, Maan came to have his seat foolishly looking at all and specially toward Geet, when he found her already looking him and she was smiling. That madden his brain to think something on work, but failed.


“Geet Beta, when you had said that Maan wants a family dinner, I was so worried for you. I mean, how he given you permission to come down and have dinner with us. But when I saw he himself was bringing you down, my worry vanished beta. And really, I’m feeling very happy to have food with family after a long time. And Beta, your father and Chachu have already taken their food. They were tired so went to rest earlier”


“Thank you Mama” Geet said. She watched Maan and knew with his expression that he wanted to blast on her. She controlled her laughter somehow.


“Why you are not eating Beta?” SD asked when found Geet had not yet touched the food.


“Actually dadima, I am waiting for the eldest member of this family”


Alka then looked SD knowing what did she meant. She even knew that after Maan leaving house Yash had not taken food with them, on same dining table. She coughed. “Actually beta., Papa likes to eat alone. You start your food, he will not come”


Maan looked Geet and smirked. He knew, she will not be winner because Yash can never come. Geet puffed. “Mean Maan lied me that they always take meal together?” she thought but she couldn’t move back now. And she found this way beneficial to bring family members closer, if she could be able to bring Yash here. She started thinking. She watched the lights of Yash room was on. “he isn’t slept now” this was the big relax for her.


“Geet, have your food beta, he will not come” SD said when still Geet hadn’t started. Now she had no option but to begin and here, Maan was enjoying her frustration. She burned in anger. “I can’t lose” she was desperate to do something. Something that could force Yash to come out of room. Then her gaze felt on a steel plate. She smirked. Secretly she pushed plate and it dropped down making loud irritating sound. Everyone startled looking at her.


“I’m sorry. It was mistake..” she spoke innocently but her eyes were on Yash’s room door which yet, was closed. She was failed. Maan shows her thumb down and chuckled. He resumed mumbling his bread.


“Now what to do” she was crazily thinking for such plan which could work.  “Um, Dadima, is here any rule of silence?”


“Why did you ask?” surprised SD asked.


“I mean why all are so quite? You know when I was at home we would have been blabbering all the time, and laughing. I don’t like to be silent of mouth all the times”


Alka smiled. After a long period she had found such a person who could speak and laugh, the same she had been before Rajveer death. And she always had to miss this nature of her in herself. “Who stopped you Beta. You are free to talk” She said.


“And what about laugh? I have never seen anyone here laughing. You know Mama in my collage everyone used to run away when I laughed”


“Why?” Trio asked together.


“That I can’t tell you, instead let me show you”


All gazes stuck on her. Geet cleared her throat and she stared laughing a weird laugh so loud, so heartily and so openly that forced everyone to laugh with her. The silent atmosphere changed into laughter one and that was heard by yash. He had never heard the sound of laugh in long time, even had forgotten how it feels when one laughs heartily. “But why all are laughing?” He thought. He then tried to ignore this strange feeling to mingle with all but couldn’t. he stood up keeping file on desk. He walked and stopped on door and the sight pleased him. His family was laughing and chatting and getting dinner together. He so much had missed this charm of life. His steps automatically started moving toward them when suddenly Alka eyes fell on him. She stops laughing. And followed by everyone when they all found him there unexpectedly. Four pairs of eyes were staring him with millions of question and he had no intellectual reply. 


Secretly Smitten part 130


Already disappointed Maan didn’t want to disturb Geet. He slowly took his steps and went to get fresh and then walked in small balcony attached with the room. Before the huge field was shining in golden due to dusking sun and he watched the nature’s transformation of colours with full attention. Little did he feel the beauty and freshness of breeze but his mind was consumed over the failure he had tasted.


He was lost in thoughts, when suddenly felt as if someone was stepping toward him. Before he could turn and see, two hands wrapped him from back and rested her soft face on his spine. He felt soft stroke of her skin against his strained nerves and they became calm. He liked the warm wave was going through his hard skin and it warmed his heart.


“Why did you have to move? Why don’t you listen what doctors said Geet?”  He said but in controlled calmness in voice, not to startle her. He looked her sideways.


“It’s only two steps Maan, and now don’t start again!” She puffed. She was very much enjoying the place her cheek had gotten to sleep and she smiled. “Why didn’t you woken me up when you came?” She looked him lovingly but surprised to find him exhausted. There was loss of charm on his face which she always loved. She cupped his face, “What happened? Why are you looking so tired?” Then she paused for a second and furthered, “Look I’m fine. You really don’t need to worry for me”


He smiled, nearing her in arms, “I know you’re fine”


“Then why this tension Maan?” Suddenly she remembered the question Yash had asked. She connected both matters together “Are you thinking about Dadaji?” She said, while guessing the reason. Then she herself answered, as if consoling him. “He is very nice person. I have talked him today”


“You met him?” Maan worried. He watched her face for answer but Geet smiled, calmly she said that she had gone to his room, but didn’t told what convo they had shared. But she did tell that how Yash helped her when she had gained pain in stomach and how he had become worried. Maan was surprised hearing it, though after his convo with yash, he was sure, somewhere yash has accepted Geet in family. But still, he had fear for Geet. She was weak and couldn’t tolerate if has to face Yash’s anger. “What did he told you?” Maan asked.


Geet started thinking what should reply. She could tell the truth but that would add increase his tension. She lied, “Um, he was asking about my health”




“Haan. And he also advised me for not to ignore my medicines and take good diet. Maan, I liked him”


He was looking her as if trying to imagine this scenario but nothing came in his mind.


“You not believing me, right?” she looked him  suspiciously. “You think I’m lying?” She showed her big eyes.


He shook head. More than believing on her statement he enjoyed her expression of getting him in faith. He played with her. “No Geet, how can I even think you can lie to me. But still.. “


“What still. I really had met him and talked. You can ask him?”


“Okay  my dear Angel I believe you”


“No you don’t. do you?” She was getting irritated with his secret teasing.


“I believe you Geet, and I also believe that you would’ve taken lunch with him” He smirked. That tempered Geet. She pushed him in anger and kept both hands on her waist. “So you think I can’t. right?”


“No Geet, why are you angering sweetheart” he tried to comfort her but Geet had taken his taunt as challenge. “No you think same Maan. Okay! Fine! I’ll show you taking dinner with him and that too, with family, on same dining table.


“But that’s not big deal. We anyways take dinner together” He said innocently.


Geet thought for a while and added that she will make Yash eat the dish, he doesn’t like”  


Now this worried Maan. “Geet, leave it. I was just teasing you. You nothing need to do. You’ll stay here and take rest on bed”


“That I’ll do it, but after dinner”


“why are you being stubborn. I said I believe you now leave this stupidity” Maan tried enough to make her leave this obstinacy but Geet was adamant.


“You don’t think much. I’ll do it and show you that I was not wrong. Now come here and take some rest” she dragged him inside. She forced him to lay on bed and patted his head. “I know you’ve not been sleeping properly. So sleep now for some time” Maan was watching her only. She was the only sight which could’ve calmed him. She covered his eyes with her hand, “You can stare me later. Now have only to sleep”. Maan removed her hand from eyes and kissed. He kept head on her lap and closed eyes. She was right, he needed rest and in no time, he slept.




After Geet leaving, Yash had gotten a call from police and police informed him about Maan’s arrival. He also said that how Maan had become mad hearing about the release but he didn’t tell him who did his bail. After talking with police Yash dialled a number and asked about the man he had done bail for and ordered to keep him in good condition but not much good that he started enjoying being alived. So when he will be needed, he could be in condition to reply his grandson’s question. 


Secretly Smitten Part 129


“Ji?”  Shocked Geet looked Yash thinking what did he just asked? She was not sure she heard him correct.


“I think you didn’t hear me right Girl or are you trying to escape?”


“I can’t getting what are you asking.. ” She timidly said. She wanted to run away from his harsh question. She hadn’t expected it. Yash was watching her right way, as if was searching his answer in her. He repeated the question.


Geet was silent. She was thinking what should reply! She didn’t know the whole truth nor did she want to spit the thing Maan had kept hidden from all. Without his permission she couldn’t tell the secret. But she didn’t want to lie with Yash too, who she guessed, had been restless due to torture of same question. She hoped Maan would’ve been told him himself but she didn’t want to interfere within the grandfather and son matter. She looked down.


“So, you know something, don’t you?” Yash was curious what she was hiding and why! “You don’t want to tell me?” he was furious. Geet knew he was getting angry but her mouth was sealed. “I’m sorry, but the faith Maan had on me, I can’t break it” she spoke, timidly. Then she stare in his eyes gathering her entire courage, “If Maan tells you himself, wouldn’t you feel better… Dadaji” She called him for the first time and it felt sweat to his ears, but Yash ignored the heartily satisfaction had come for a second.


“You can go” He stated out harshly. He felt like betrayed, standing before the weak girl who knew the most intense secret of his family because Maan had chosen to tell her, but not him. Unsuccessfulness pained his heart. He turned face from Geet. She was hurt. She was in guilt for not telling him whatever matter she knew, but she was glad, she took good decision. She started leaving the room but suddenly, the wound started hurting her due to being in standing position for longer. She groan in pain and hold wall for support.


“What happened?” Yash rushed to her. He held her and helped. “Are you okay?” He asked and surprised Geet could see the care in his eyes. She had gotten her answer. He was not that bad person from heart. She was right. “Relax Girl, I’m calling someone. Don’t move yourself”. He was going to call anyone when saw SD and Alka both were coming, running to them. Yash left Geet.


 They had heard her groan. “What happened Geet? Are you fine beta?” SD asked worrying. Till then yash had been returned into his pervious mask of anger. “Why did you all let her come out of room when doctors have strictly advised not to let het move a bit from bed” He scolded. Till the time nurses also had appeared and with their help, they all made Geet walk to her room. In all this occurrence SD and Alka forgot the thing that what was Geet doing in YAsh room, but Geet selected better for not to say a word herself. Indeed she was happy after this meet.




Maan wanted to remove his frustration on someone or something. He didn’t want to go back home in this weird mental condition due to failure he had and he drove off far away from city. Where was he going to he didn’t know but wanted to run away from all problems, which had been following him. He started sweating due to heat he had been suffering inside. The extreme anger was suffocating. He wanted to grab fresh air and so ceased the car like a shot. He came out and had an eager urge to scream. To run like a mad man. He pushed hairs in desperation and his mind had been blocked to think rational, when suddenly, his phone sounded. He startled. Keeping annoyance under control he saw, it was from home. He didn’t want to pick up but then Geet thought forced his heart and he talked.


“Maan beta, where are you?” It was Alka. “Beta Geet was asking for you”


He said he is coming back and will be there in sometimes. Geet name was a word he could never have avoid to. He hopped in car and started the engine. He was crossing the main market area when car had to stuck in traffic. He was looking straight and waiting for the red light turning off when suddenly he saw, Nitya at roadside. She was purchasing groceries. Though Maan surprised to see her there, at outskirt but then not giving much attention he drove off after turning light into green.


As he stepped in home, he had decided to talk Geet tonight. Not much he could handle this secrecy, not more!


“Maan Beta,, where did you have gone?” SD asked breaking the randomly thoughts running in his mind and he looked her. “Look at your face Maan, what you had been doing? You looking so much tired?”


“Nothing Dadima” He tried to smile. Anyways he wanted to see Geet first, “How is Geet Dadima?”


“She is in her room” And SD told the entire situation that how she had again pain in stomach. Maan worried. He rushed to see her. The thought that he would ask about the attack had been vanished from mind. He just wanted to see Geet fine and well.  He would find out about the culprit himself. He could not take chance with her health. Thinking the entire matter he stepped in room and found her sleeping. 

Secretly Smitten part 128

 Maan came out when he saw Geet, was trying to come out from her room, upstairs.



“Geet! What are you doing?” He shouted and rushed to her. Hearing his loud voice everyone looked at the same direction.


“What you going to do Geet? Where are you going?” Maan scolded. Geet made face and said she was getting bored inside the room. She also wants to have chat with others. “Plesae Maan I really, really got bored here”


“But you should’ve told me Geet, what was the need of you to come yourself” Saying he lifted her in arms, but caring of her wound not to hurt her. With this instant activity Geet startled. She blushed when found several pairs of eyes targeting on them and that embarrassed her deeply. “Maan please keep me down, see, everyone is looking us” She whispered turning red.


“It’s your fault Geet, now enjoy your punishment” He smirked slowly descending on stairway.


“Maan please” Her eyes had no courage to look at all. She had her face down and had wrapped arms around his neck. She wanted to get rid of this situation and her embarrassment increased when heard slight giggles of Alka and SD. She hid face in Maan chest.


“Come Maan Beta, put her down here, on couch” SD said. Maan carefully made her lay on couch and covered her with a sheer duvet. “Are you comfortable now Beta” Alka asked. Geet was getting overwhelmed with this care. She nodded.


“Dadima, it should be me who should have taken care of you all” Geet said. She was feeling uncomfortable finding the love from the family she had never met before.


“It’s okay Beta, don’t think much. Anyways it’s only for few days, enjoy our care. Afterward we have to enjoy your service lifetime beta” SD dearly said. Geet smiled on her statement. Suddenly her wound hurt and she hissed. Over this Maan started scolding her with double speed. “What was the need of you Geet to walk yourself? Now see, it started hurting!!”


“It’s not that much Maan, I’m fine”


“Don’t argue with me okay! I know it must be paining”


Geet was getting irritated with his constant shout. She complained, “Look Dadima how he is shouting on me”


“But he is saying true Beta. You should’ve not taken much stress. Your wound is not fully fine”


“But I was getting bored in room”


“Then you should’ve called us Beta, we would’ve come there” Alka spoke. “Okay leave it. And Maan, stop scolding my daughter okay!” then she turned to Geet and said she is going to make soup for her and left in kitchen.


“Where is baba and Chachu?” Geet asked looking here and there for them. Maan said they have gone out for something. SD thought to give them sometime so she also excused herself saying, going to help Alka in kitchen. Maan with Geet left alone in living hall. After everyone leaving Maan came near and sat with Geet. He lovingly caressed her hairs. “Are you really fine or just trying to console me Geet”


“I’m fine Maan, really” she knew he was over caring for her. She couldn’t stop herself loving him once again. Maan noticed she was looking tired. “You should take rest I think”. Though Geet denied but it was true that she was feeling sleepy. Maan convince her to sleep saying he had to go somewhere out. Geet nodded. Maan kissed her head. “I’ll be back soon Angel. Take care” He left. Alone Geet was trying to sleep when suddenly she noticed a wondering shadow coming through slightly opened door. She thought who was it then guessed, it could be Yash. She saw the shadow was moving fast as if it was restless. She wondered, why he was disturbed. She thought for a second to go there and ask but then stopped, feeling hesitation. She better chose to take rest.




Maan directly went to police station. Due to Geet condition, he couldn’t get chance to come there but meanwhile he had been having telephonic conversation with the police, but today he thought to give him a change to visit there. He was desperate to know who was behind this attack. But when he reached there, he had been told that man had been bailed.


“What! But why didn’t you informed me and who did this?” surprised Maan shouted. He was not believing how easily these police men can let a murderer go! But police said that it was a big name behind his bail and they were powerless. Maan was furious. The man was the only one, who could have spit out truth but now, it was tough to find the real culprit. Though he had doubt on Ravi but had no proof. Maan didn’t want to take police help now after witnessing their inattentiveness. He returned back to farmhouse thinking tonight, he will surely talk to Geet.




Geet was not able to sleep. Though she tried hard but failed. Meanwhile, Alka and SD came to see her but found her with closed eyes so they went in their room. Now alone Geet wanted to go back in her room but feared what if anyone sees her. They will again start shouting. She looked around. The place was empty. She had chance. She stood up and slowly started moving to up when looked toward Yash’s room. Door was yet opened but it had dark inside. Unknowingly she made thought to check, he was there? If he was okay? Why was he moving so restlessly? So she walked slowly to room. She pushed the door softly.


“Who’s there?”


A sudden tough voice startled her. She cursed herself to come here but now, couldn’t run away. Calling a short prayer she stepped in. “It’s me..” further what should pronounce him, she couldn’t decide.


“Why did you come here?” yash turned to her switching lights on.


Geet got scared. For the first time she was seeing him. Maan’s grandfather, the personality who was a fear for all. He was really huge’ she thought. Her throat dried. “Actually.. um, I needed water” suddenly she replied whatever came in mind then waited for result with thudding heart.


“Hm, get yourself, it’s there, on table”


She thanked God first, then him. With shaking hands she gulped down few drops then turned to leave, when his thick voice, thundered from back, “Stop girl!”. She stopped.


“What Maan’d told you about his father’s death?”


He asked abruptly. 

Secretly Smitten Part 127

 After Geet recovery Maan was not willing to hide his happiness. It was beyond anyone’s imagination what he was feeling right now. When Geet opened her eyes and saw the people at front, her first gaze fell on Maan and he jumped in joy. Geet closed down her eyes after sometimes. She was yet feeling so weak. She had deep wound in her stomach due to shot but she was evenly getting fine now.


Two days passed with everyone taking care of her. She was a sick child and spent most of the time sleeping due to weakness. Maan was desperate to ask her the name who had targeted on her life but looking at her fragile condition, he left the question unanswered for further. Police also didn’t be informed because Yash didn’t want media to know about them. Maan didn’t want Geet to take stress and doctor also had advised, not to force her emphasizing upon the upsetting happened in past.  So no one knew anything and waited till Geet gets well completely.


No one took a word about this incident whenever they talked with her. At first Geet was surprised to find herself there instead of hospital. But when Maan said, how his grandpa arranged this place and all comfort for her, she went amazed. She wanted to ask how this happened? How Yash changed and planned well for her? Many questions were wondering in her mind but she couldn’t find alone chance to clear her doubts. Every time someone or another would be keeping her engaged and afterward, she used to be made up to sleep. But in all these days she never saw Yash there, though she knew he was in same house, but never heard his voice or even his shadow didn’t crossed her path.


Mohan and Jagan in beginning, felt little hesitancy with Maan family but when he realized how everyone was keeping care of his daughter, he was satisfied. And the rest tension had been vanished by both ladies soft words. But somewhere, he was little tensed with Yash’s behavior. Mohan tried also to have talk with him, but then stepped back scaring. He couldn’t gather enough courage to face the huge personality.


After a week, Geet was feeling much better. She was resting on bed and having her soup when Mohan came in. he sat and lovingly caressed her head. Geet smiled.


“How are you Beta?”


“I am good Baba”


“You scared us” Mohan said while controlling his tears. Geet guessed he wanted to say something. “What happened Baba?” she asked.


Mohan said, he was fearing about Yash. All were nice with her but Yash had never been seen around them. Not for once he asked about her health and that, was scaring him. He asked, that if he should go and talk to him? But Geet denied. She said that it would be better to give him some time. May be Yash was changing his mind toward her but yet, they had no certainty about its happening. Therefore, his sympathy can be only for Maan sake. May be Yash was doing everything for Maan and after her fully recovery he would make his cruel decision. Anything can happen. And in Geet view, this was not a better time to talk to Yash promptly when he had showed little soft side of him. She didn’t want to spoil the better chance for future. She consoled Mohan saying she will talk to Maan about him and then they should take any further step. Mohan was agreed. He himself didn’t wanted to come between Maan and his family matter and when they were slowly accepting Geet in their lives, he should be better away from them. He left the room satisfied with his daughter’s decision.






Maan together with his family and Mohan and Jagan,was sitting in living hall and having talk with each other when Adi came. He greeted everyone and asked about Geet then looked toward Maan signaling something. Maan understood he wanted to talk. He excused with everyone and took Adi in another room where they could talk.


“Did Geet told something?” Adi asked.


“No Adi, I couldn’t ask her”


Adi said that he had to return back to Delhi and leaving today. He also said he will be in his touch to know more about his father death but for now, had to go. Maan couldn’t stop him. Adi suggested Maan to talk to yash about this matter when suddenly Mohan walked in and they had to stop their convo in middle. Afterward Adi left.



“Maan Beta, what you think who can be this person who is behind my Geet?” Mohan asked helplessly getting worried for his child. “She never visited Mumbai, she even don’t have any enemy then why would anyone want to kill her?”


Maan himself wanted to know the answer. But the more he wanted to think about her health. He knew, after knowing truth he wouldn’t be keep control over his anger and that would hurt Geet but he will not be quiet now. Tonight he will ask her for sure, he decided.  



“Don’t know why it happening with her. She is my sweet child why would anyone want to take her life. Who will be benefited with her death, who can be her enemy?”


And suddenly Maan’s mind recalled the media fiasco. That time also Geet had been targeted and now as well she was on shot “Ravi Singhania?” His mind questioned. His anger risen up thinking he could be the one who can do this and he had reason also. The best reason to destroy Khuranas’! “Yes he wants to destroy me! He killed my father and now Geet!!!?”


“What happened Maan beta? What you started thinking?” worried Mohan shook maan when found him lost in deep thoughts. “Maan?”


“Nothing Papa” Maan gained his composer. “I was thinking about Geet” he lied. Mohan knew how much he was hurt after Geet condition and so did not questioned further. “I know Maan but I am happy that she is getting fine”


“Yes papa” Maan tried to be normal. He couldn’t speak out his inner turmoil and tried to remain unaffected.



Secretly Smitten Part 126

 Maan found yash was having a serious talk with doctors. Yash was bending over a file when his gaze fell on standing Maan on door. He gestured the people there to leave.


“Don’t worry Mr. Maan. Your wife condition is improving” One doctor patted Maan shoulder. Giving a comfortable smile, he left. Yash kept the file on table and directed to Maan. “Come inside Son”



“Why are you doing this Grandpa” Maan walked in swift. He was not getting why Yash trying to show himself changed. He had never been like this before. Maan was not habituated for this consolation from Yash and desperately wanted the reason behind this transformation. “Why so care about Geet when you never liked her!” He then smirked. “Don’t try to make me have belief that you started changing grandpa” He mocked.



Yash smiled on this statement. “I never needed to show anything to anyone Maan. People use to see always what I make them see in reality!”



“So what you want me to see right now! Is it that you want to make me believe, suddenly my grandpa started caring for me, for my happiness, that you started thinking for my betterment grandpa? That you left the thought over killing my Geet? Destroying her!!”



“I never had thought over killing her Maan!” Yash voice risen abruptly. “I never had thought it” , “It was always you Maan who let me feel jealous with her. It was she always who won over your attention, your love, which should have been for me only. She made you share your love, what should’ve been of mine and I, hated this fact. No one, no one can ever win over me. I always ruled over this world but she was the one who ruled over My World which was you. And I couldn’t tolerate it!”



Silent Maan was amazed to find this transparency within his grandfather. He couldn’t believe that Yash was talking to him very finely and expressing his heart. He selected to be quiet and let Yash speak.  



“When you were child Maan, your eyes always made me remind of my son. I could see Rajveer in you and I didn’t want this disturbance within me. I stopped looking at you. I know it was my fault but I couldn’t show the world, that I was weak. But you were happy. I was amazed to see you even didn’t show that you have sorrow of my ignorance and then I found, you had Geet. You hid things from me for her. You forgot me for her. It seemed, you had everything, you had your world around her but I had nothing. I was scared to lose you. I wanted to adore you. But I had fear. When my love could not stop Rajveer to leave me, I showed you my hatred thinking this of my adaptation would stop you going, but you also left me. And everything happened because of that girl”


“Then why today you saved her Grandpa?” Finally Maan questioned.



“Because once again, I didn’t wanted to lose my son”



“Did I see there, a drop in his eyes?” Maan wondered. He was surprised finding a see-through sight of his heart where everything was clear. “Grandpa was jealous of Geet?” Faded smile appeared on Maan lips thinking it. He wanted to laugh on this realization. This time he could see old man at front who could be his real grandfather with heart and soul. How he always had been finding a mountain around his grandfather’s body where his heart was concealed. But now the mountain had been melted and been converted into a blue river which was fresh and calm. And amazingly he also felt serene standing near of him.



Yash was himself amazed that how easily he had stated his heart out, he never had done it. But he couldn’t deny the relaxation his heart was feeling right now. He looked at Maan and found him smiling, though smile was not so clear but he saw. “Why are you smiling Maan?”



Maan shook head ending the smil”e. He could see expression of wonderment on Yash face which was making him look like a child who was scared for his secret has been disclosed and he seemed embarrassed too. “You know Grandpa, Geet always used to say that you are not a bad person from heart. You adore me more than her and she wanted to appease you, so that we can live together like a family. She is truly an Angel” Suddenly the forgotten anger came back regaining what happened with her. “I promise you Geet, I’ll not leave the man behind your this condition. I will kill him who harmed you. I will kill his who harmed Dad I promise!!!”



“Rajveer?” Yash asked instantly. Then Maan realized what he uttered in his anger. He was not ready to think about this episode. He had kept this fact from all to solve it out himself because he had no hope from Yash but Yash had heard. And he was repeating the question. “What you know Maan about Rajveer? What had happened with him?”, but at the same time SD came hurriedly informing Maan that Mohan and Jagan has come. Maan left the room without telling a word.





The next two days Maan spent with Geet, in her room staring her. Kept looking at her calm face and removing flying curls over her eyes was his only work and that had been calming his heart. But he badly needed her to open her eyes, to talk with him and hearing her gabbling. He kissed her eyes. He cried covering his face with her hand and requested her to come back when suddenly as if he felt some movement in her hand. He looked at her with trilling heartbeats. He waited for her any move but she remained still. Anticipated Maan again kissed her palm, to feel the movement once again and she did! She moved her hand and Maan found her cheek became red. “Is it blush?” excitement was ready to take over his life. He bent over her face and kissed her head. “Yes she blushed!” He bent near her ear and whispered “I love you Angel”, .. She again blushed. Maan heart wanted to come out. His body was shaking. He held her hand and she tightened it.



“She is coming back!!” He shouted. He runs out of room. He shouted standing on railing “Mom Dadima Geet is coming back!!!” He rushed back to Geet. He was not understanding what to do. How to express his joy, this excitement. Alka with SD and Mohan Jagan and troop of doctors everyone rushed upstairs. Yash came out of room. He also followed them with equal excitement but then paused. “What he was doing?” he wondered but his heart was asking to go up, to see what’s happening there, to feel the happiness which everyone was feeling right now. But as like something was forcing him not to show this emotions. May be he had not been habituated with this demonstration but indeed, he had liked this contentment. But perhaps he was not the person to enjoy this merriment, he returned back to his room and begun to find out the reality behind Maan’s state.


Secretly Smitten Part 125


 Maan was sitting with Geet when SD touched his shoulder. He turned up to see. She was tackling to smile but when Maan didn’t give any response over her attempt, she blinked eyes to hide water inside them.



“She looks like a real angel” She said softly.



Maan smiled hearing her statement. Yes, indeed his Geet was his true angel. He stared her with his love filled heart.



“Maan beta, I know what you’ll be thinking. But your Dadaji has not done anything which.. “



“Don’t try to defend him Dadima!” He stood up in anger. He didn’t want to argue with her neither could hear about Yash, anyone favoring him.



“Maan please listen me Beta”



“Why Dadima? Why you want me to hear about him when I have already declared I have no relation with him! Not anymore!”



“Relation can’t be broken like this easily Maan. It’s not in your hand”


“A relation needs collaboration Dadima. When Grandpa wants my Geet to be dead, how can you even think me to be in favor of him?”


“He didn’t tried to kill her Maan, its wrong!!” she shouted in depression but then controlled herself. “He didn’t do anything which can give you reason to hate him Maan. If ever he had needed to harm her, would’ve been done it long before. Much before you met her” She paused for a second. Filling a deep breath in lung she continued.


“Maan, he is not as bad person as you think of him. His rudeness, his harsh words, everything was his fear to lose you Beta. He doesn’t want to lose you like he missed Rajveer. He didn’t want to send you India because he was scared, this place will steal you from him. Maan, today what fear you are feeling to see Geet in this state, fear that you will lose her, it’s killing you every second? But your Dadaji has experienced this fear. He has suffered a lot after Rajveer death and this suffering turned him into the most helpless person. He always tried to keep you safe, with him. I accept the way he chose was not right, was not convincing but his reason was not wrong. Not especially in my view”


“She is telling correct Maan” Alka came in holding a tray with glass of milk. She kept it on table and caressed his face dearly. “Maan, you know, when we got to know about Geet we hurried to come to India. Your Dadaji arranged a safe journey for us. He didn’t come with us and we doubted that he was not affected even after this incident. But we were wrong. He came. Even before we could touch the land here, he had arranged everything for Geet. This place, a troop of doctors and nurses, every facility which Geet needs, he settled here. When he came to know that how you’re struggling to stay with her in hospital, he planned everything, so that you can be with her every second and no one can stop you. Maan I know in past his words has hurt you but can’t you forget them and give your relation another chance to grow up? Don’t give mind over his words beta, just try to understand his heart. And isn’t this the same thing your Angel had demanded you? Wouldn’t she like to see that everything has settled down well in your life? Tell me Maan!”



Maan knew, this was the same thing Geet had told once. He could remember her every word. After hearing them, Maan was slightly convinced that Yash was not done harm to Geet. But the risen anger in his heart was yet not completely satisfied. But he didn’t refuse their demand to have a talk with yash. And Geet would also want same. he looked at her. he felt as if it was her wish too. he couldn’t deny her order. he will fulfill her every wish, her dream to live a life where they would have blessings of all their people. He said, he will go and talk to Yash. 


 He left the place and walked toward the place when Yash could be found. 




RS was roaming tensed in his cabin. He was drown in deep thought. His forehead was covered with thin lines of worries. Seemed, he was waiting for something. Suddenly the landline rung and he grabbed the receiver without further delay. As though he knew who it was, he shouted another second, “Why the hell you didn’t kill her!! Bustard! What if she takes my name in police? Just grab her and kill at the spot!”


 He threw the phone over the table. He clutched his hairs in fury.


“I shouldn’t have believed on that girl. It was my mistake.. No, my biggest mistake. That girl.. !! I can’t take another chance. What if she reaches to police before my men reach her? Everything will be fizzled out. I can’t let it happen!!” Instantly he took out his cell and dialed a number.


“Listen. I want that girl to be dead, right now!”




“I don’t know how you will find her. Just catch her and give me news of her death. I want Nitya dead, heard you!!!”


He cut the call taking deep breathe.