Silken Shadow Part 20

 The entire day Geet spent with taking care of the little lamb. Seemed, it had become her new routine. Geet didn’t know why but she felt an attachment with this little animal. Perhaps, he was the only living thing she had found after years to live with, otherwise she had been started getting daunted living alone life. Or it was the only witness of her friendship with Maan, so he was special? She could not clarify the reason but she was happy to have him.

Geet took lamb near pond in late evening. It was cool weather that day and anytime rain could’ve started. She introduced him with her friends. Lamb was getting irritated sitting in her arms. He wanted to come out of hold and play.

“Ohh, where you want to go?” Geet asked. She understood him and put down from hold. Then she thought “Shouldn’t I give him a name?” She started thinking, running behind lamb. “Moon you tell, what should I call him?” She looked up and tried to catch him who was bleating and was ready to jump in water and Geet was trying hard to stop him. “Please stop! What are you doing, don’t jump, you can sink!!” Geet was shouting and hearing her shout lamb even started making louder cry. Geet got scared thinking what if Rano would hear, she has to go to meet Maan.

“Shh,, shh.. please I joint my hands before you, don’t make noise. Maa can come here,, please” But lamb was not less, he increased his volume higher.

“Argh!” Geet was becoming much irritated. She scolded over nature, “Can’t you all help me?” She made desperate face fiddling Dupatta, “I have to go, he would be waiting there”, she stared up to moon who was playing hide and seek with dark clouds. She scolded being irritated, “See how you are enjoying your game but you cannot help me out even for once. You all are so mean!” She threw an annoyed expression and turned around in anger crossing arms across chest. Here naughty little one was continuing his nonstop bleating looking at her. Geet looked at lamb grumbling. Suddenly her body jumped off hearing thunder sound. She looked up to sky, found no moon was there and black clouds had covered the territory completely. In thunder sound lamb bleat faded away.

Geet jumped up happily. “Thank you” She swirled around and danced in happiness, spreading her arms and hugged herself as if she was hugging her beautiful friends. “You all are so good, really” She shouted. Now time has come for her to escape and today, even this stormy weather had made her job much easier. In darkness she wouldn’t have much risk to be seen by passing people. She covered herself with a shawl and started running. Poor lamb tried hard to make noise but this thunder couldn’t let him get succeed.


She was running faster as much as her legs could move. Tonight darkness had helped her a lot and peeping moon through clouds also poured light whenever she needed. Tonight there was laid a new enthusiasm, new feelings in her heart and Geet was lost in it when suddenly a screech noise resounded in air and a flash light blinded her eyes. She instantly covered eyes behind arm for a second. She had to blink eyes several times to make view clear and then found, there a car was stopped only an inch away from her feet. And then she heard a shout,


She found Maan was running toward her getting out of car, “Are you okay Geet?” He asked worried and shook her arms.

“Maan?” She signed in relief finding him there in place of anyone else. But she was surprised also. When Maan found she was fine, he told her to sit in car. Geet sat as he said but she asked what he was doing there.

Maan started driving. “I wanted to find you” He said, getting serious which frightened Geet. She didn’t want him to know anything about her. She stared him in disbelief, “Why?” She asked hesitatingly.


“So that I can sneak into your home whenever I would wish’

Now his statement scared her further.

”May be into your room” He scared her more, intentionally. He smirked looking at her dried face.

”Bu…but why you will sneak into my room. Ye sharifo ka kaam nahi”

”And who said that I am Sharif, hm’?”

“Ji?” Geet watched him shocked. His talks were weird today. Her boldness was slipping away from hand and there had been started vibration in heart, when suddenly Maan burst into laughter.


“Relax Geet, I was just joking” He controlled his laugh. “Don’t panic. I only wanted to pick you up so that you wouldn’t need to face trouble in this dark night. Nothing else”


“But this dark night can’t harm me, they know me very well” Geet chimed.

“Really?” Maan looked her confused.


She nodded in excitement. “You know, this clouds, this stars, moon, sky, this trees, and dark night everything always have taken care of my wishes. This nature is my best friends” Her eyes shone, looking up to sky.

Though Maan liked her talking to him but, her words made him more curious to know about her, about the mystery which had been shedding her persona. He never heard any person name from her mouth but he had already known that this mute nature was her friends. It was strange and so he proceeded the talk further altering his words.
“But I don’t believe you. I mean this night, this nature,, how can they know you? Can be your friends? They are nothing but only an insensible thing, they can’t understand anyone. I think that you are laying Geet because you want to keep your friends name secret from me?” Maan gave a deliberative smile and threw instant glance toward her.

Geet was hurt. Because, he didn’t believe her. She had habit of hearing mock about her being different, talking with nature but it was not acceptable when Maan showed the same reaction what rest world used to do. “Aapko meri baantoh pe yakin nahi?” She asked dimly.

Maan could also find hint of water inside those fagged eyes. “No Geet, I didn’t mean that”

“Then why did you say you don’t believe me?” She felt as if she wanted to complain in anger but voice came out obscured.

Maan smiled and assured her, “I believe you Geet, completely”

“Really?” She said excited. “Mean you believe that I can talk with this nature and they can also understand me?”

He nodded. “But Geet, don’t you have another friends. I mean anyone.. who would be.. Living” Maan hesitated to ask, but Geet showed no botheration this time. Instead she looked upset. “Okay, just tell me about your family?” He tried to lessen her mood but his question bothered her more. Maan felt as if she was trying to hide something in heart. Geet was trying to remember something which do not have to tell anyone. Her heart swelled with the burden. She looked out of window to grab cool air. “Where are we going?” She asked suddenly to divert her mind. She also found them driving on a totally unseen road. She looked to Maan holding her veil sideways which was fluttering in fast wind.

“Somewhere far from this place” He said calmly.

“But where?” Geet was afraid how she would be back to home before Rano would open her eyes. But Maan consoled saying the place where they are going is not that much far and he will drop her home safely on time. She looked around. She hadn’t seen this area of city before and truly said, she was happy to be there.

Car was like flying, un-touching the road and cold, stormy wind was patting her face wildly. Geet found this place more hushed and less populated and she guessed, they had been very much far away from the main city unlike Maan had convinced her. But she couldn’t dislike the idea of this stolen moment spending together. On sky time to time thunder was proving his appearance that Geet loved. She couldn’t have seen this sight being in prison, being at home. Open fields and sometimes crossing bridges, having the flowing water below was wonderful experience. She was tired. She jointed both hands on window panel and rested her face on it and closed her eyes. Let the wind hit her face, she smiled and became lost in slumber.


Maan stopped car. He called her name two-three times but Geet didn’t hear. Then he got out and came to her side. He found she was actually sleeping. Her hairs had been totally mess and few curls were playing naughtily with her cheek. He felt jealous. He bent down, shadowed over her face. He advanced hand to remove those curls but then stopped. He softly started blowing air on her face. His warm breath started touching, playing with her smooth skin. Even in sleep Geet could differentiate between touch of her friend and love. Her senses tickled feeling warmth. Maan rubbed his finger on her cheek, slowly and steadily. He heard her dim moan. Geet stirred a little. Maan straightened up. He hurried and taken his seat inside car. Till Geet had woken up completely.


 “Did we reach?” She asked, adjusting her veil and she was embarrassed over her behaviour that she had slept in car. Maan said he had just reached. They both came out.

As they taken few steps, Geet stopped abruptly. She was witnessing a big mansion in front of her eyes which was jingling with lights-bulbs.


 She hesitated to go ahead. ”Where are we? Whose place is this? I have never seen such a beautiful place before”


”Did you like this place Geet?”


Geet nodded head in excitement. “This palace belongs to whom Maan? And why did you bring me here?”



”You will know everything once you’ll come inside. Come with me” He held her hand and made her walk inside. Geet was very much excited and amazed to see the place. It was very beautiful that she mentally wished to God, giving her gift that she could spend life here. Something was in this place which attracted her heart and mind and even her soul seemed bonded with this building, with this white walls, marble statues and a laying garden besides.  Though the mansion appeared old, dirty and cold from inside and things were scattered and were totally messed. As like hadn’t been opened and used since years but still, she felt a strange affection was following and embracing her toward this place. She clutched Maan’s hand feeling anxious.

“Whose mansion is this Maan?” She asked with desire.


“Geet, I have bought this place. I’m sorry that I had to bring you in such a messed place but truly say, I couldn’t wait you to show it. I wanted you to see this place first. Did you like this house Geet?” Maan looked her anxious, to know if she liked this place and so was Geet, anxious to know more about this mansion. To know why her heart was feeling satisfied to be here. Why she was feeling familiarity in air. There was something in this atmosphere which made her heart heavy and thoughtful.


“Come Geet, I show you terrace” Maan dragged her toward staircase. Geet eyes were recapturing each and every corner of this mansion. She just followed Maan without reacting when cold air hit her face. She came back into reality and found a wonderful sight was waiting for her. Her legs automatically moved toward stoned railing. And she found the entire Lucknow city could be seen from this place. City was twinkling in lights and besides the mansion, there was a small lake had been built. Forgetting her earlier anxiety Geet spread her arms and tried to embrace the entire city in her hold. But her small arms couldn’t enclosed the entire city. She made face.


Suddenly she felt Maan presence at her back. He was standing very closer that their bodies were touching each other. Before Geet could react Maan caressed his hand over her already extended arms slowly making her feel goosebumps. He removed the gap. He enclosed the entire city between his arm-circle, taking Geet amidst. It looked like, she was owning this city and Maan owned her. He took a sharp breathe smelling her hairs, “Now, this entire world is yours Geet” Maan whispered in her ear but Geet couldn’t hear what he said. She was just getting lost in his proximity.


She tried to escape when Maan held her hand. He said her to wait there and while himself, went to bring his camera. He told Geet to stand there in same pose what she had been when he had first seen her. When she was looking at the moon and Maan missed to capture her picture. Maan wanted to take her snap possessing their first meet for lifetime in a frame.


But he found something was missing. He knew there was no moon on sky but his moon girl was there but still, something he found lack in surrounding. Perhaps, her being hesitated. Not standing like a free bird? Or was it because her hairs were tied and hidden inside veil. He walked to her. “Geet.. ” He called but then himself lifted hand and removed her Dupatta from head. Geet got startled but Maan held her hand. He removed ribbon from her hairs. Finding freedom, her Duappta even slipped down from one side of shoulder, making Geet resounds in gasp. She instantly moved free hand to correct it but Maan held her another hand too. “Don’t.. Geet” He whispered. His eyes had request or command she didn’t recognize but she couldn’t refuse his demand. She let her Dupatta flutter in wind freely the same way her hairs were dancing finding freedom from prison. He lifted her chin and turned little toward the sky. “Now, it is perfect!’ he thought. He came back and clicked her photo. He remembered their first meeting, how she had been scared and had run away and how Mohsin had given her a name.. “My Moon Girl” He whispered, but somehow, Geet heard it. She budged.


“His moon girl?” She didn’t like any girl name had been taken by him. Her heart burned in weird ache and anger. “Who is this moon girl?” She asked.


“Hai koi” Maan ignored her query. He turned around adjusting his camera lens, not noticing how her face had turned furious. Geet rushed to him. “Maan who is this girl?” She now asked, so directly, but still composing her manner. Now Maan smelled something was burning inside her heart. He smirked.


“Oh, so you are asking about my moon girl?”


“My moon girl?” She hated but she nodded.


“Geet, she is the most beautiful girl of this world and I …” Then he paused, let her curiosity and anger increase.


“Aur aap.. kya Maan?”


“Fir kabhi bataunga..” He started walking toward door.


“Nahi, mujhe abhi sunna hai”


Geet in term of stopping him grabbed his camera-belt and pulled with such force, it slipped from his hand. Camera fell off and broke. Glass pieces scattered on floor everywhere and so was her heart in panic. She covered mouth and cried. She moved back in fear and rushed downstairs ignoring his constant calls from behind. 

Silken Shadow Part 19

 Geet couldn’t understand the happening. What actually she found and everything changed? Her world around, it changed! Like happens in fairy tales, with a touch of him, everything, even her body turned into gold. Shinning, excessive and saturated. She found a new life, her numb body encompassed in someone else’s arms. She felt unconscious, nothing was visible, but she didn’t realize that her own eyes were shut lost in utopia. She felt her heartbeats turned double but didn’t realize it was beats of someone else’s heart which was trembling with the same pace of hers. She felt merriment not knowing it was her lips which were widen, smiling without a reason. She found a complete heaven laid within her arms but not recognizing, she was holding her stranger, her love, her Maan. She drew closer to him. She had got bewildered, completely.



 Whereas Maan, his condition was indescribable.  His dreams was completed, had turned into reality. A beautiful reality which he wished to be paused at the spot, not even wanted it to turn back into dreams. He didn’t want to open his eyes. He wanted to sleep into her soft, scented arms. Wanted to be lost within her shivering body. Wanted to feel touch of her skipping heartbeats. He wanted to enjoy this hushed atmosphere. Where silence was speaking.

Geet stirred, lifted her face up, realizing what was she doing? She tried to consider her activity a sin but amazingly, it seemed the most holy thing. She felt as if she belonged to this spot. She felt it was God’s command, not to leave this place, not for lifetime. Place near him, enclosed by his arms. She was unable to understand this theory. But this time, the most difficult thing she found to face him! How would she meet eyes to him? She was scared.


Understanding the dim movement of her body, Maan moved a little and looked at her innocent eyes, completely losing his h over her. Once again.


You do not know me, I do not know you

Yet somehow I feel as if I have found my soul mate

These surroundings and this night are quiet

Those words on our lips are quiet

The silence has begun to tell a story

Our glances have become the language of our hearts

(Translated version of a Hindi song)


“Aap kya dekh rahe ho?”


His chain of thoughts broke with hearing her question. “What should I reply?” Maan thought. “What I’m looking at? There is nothing left to find in you Geet, I have found everything, every answer of my questions, every solution of my problems, every solace of my heart, which had been bothering me, I found looking at your this innocent eyes” He thought.


“Boliye na Maan, what are you looking?”


“To your face” He spoke softly.


“Why?” Her eyes narrowed, failed in reading language of his eyes.


Maan smiled. He softly cupped her face, “Because you are, so beautiful Geet” He brought lips near her forehead to kiss her, but Geet shied. Hearing the praise again. She hurried up and runs away. Blushing and giggling, biting Dupatta between teeth but suddenly, heard the noise again. She stopped clutching heart in fear. Noise started coming closer and her legs started pulling her back slowly and she hit to Maan. Geet wheezed and turned around and hide face between her palms and engulfed into him, near to his heart.


Suddenly she felt a forceful jerk on her Dupatta. Felt as if someone was trying to tug her down. She got scared more thinking her stalker has caught her “Please tell him to leave me Maan” She pleaded. She slipped nearer to Maan but didn’t find his touch there anymore. Startling in fright she lifted face up to find him and found him standing at little distance. Maan was smiling and chuckling and his activity made her confused. When Maan understood her confusion he crossed arms across chest and hinted her to look back.  


Geet turned around where Maan wanted her to look at and surprisingly she found, A little lamb!


“Had he been following me?” She asked shocked, still not getting, was she really becoming sacred of a little lamb? She looked at Maan with questioning eyes and he nodded, chuckling. She made face in embarrassment. She looked at Maan and found him still struggling to control his laughter, she started fiddling her Dupatta in shame. She coughed and tried to clear the clouds,


“Um, how would I know it was him? He was hiding in bushes otherwise, I don’t fear of anything” Geet tried to convince him about her boldness, but his constant, intense gaze used to make her nervous every time and she finds herself getting showered in sweats. She turned around, finding herself unable to bear his blazing gaze anymore, “I have to go” She said finally.


Maan had been attentively watching her movements and was enjoying her nervousness all the time. He smiled when she turned around. He lifted the lamb in arms and came near Geet and whispered in her ear, “Say sorry to her. You know.. You scared my Geet” He said as if talking to lamb. His voice, his breathe made Geet feel ticklish in stomach.  


She looked him sideways. “My Geet”.. She loved his expressive familiarity. She turned around now facing him. His deep brown eyes were yet staring her, steadily. Geet felt as if she would turn into liquid. She felt as if her legs would fade away. She felt she would fell down in his feet. But before anything could’ve happened, she snatched lamb from his hand and runs away, before Maan could realize she had actually escaped.


“O Geet…” He shouted to stop her but when found her shyly running away, he stopped calling. He just smiled. Today even he didn’t find need to request her for coming tomorrow because he knew, she will definitely come, herself.




Next morning Rano heard an animal sound in her home. It was weird. She followed the sound and stopped near Geet room and found a pure black lamb was yawning, sitting near her bed.


“Geet what’s this?” Rano shouted.


Geet who had just got a sleep after spending a sleepless night before, startled up. She looked around and found mother looking at poor lamb turning eyes bigger. Geet gulped saliva down.


“Where did you find this Geet?” Rano shouted again and it was sure, she wanted an instant answer. Geet was scared. She stood up throwing blanket off. She started thinking for an answer fiddling her Dupatta.


“Did you have forgotten closing the back-door last night?” Rano asked observing that the door used to open toward pond was left opened. She asked. Geet nodded nervously. She looked down in shame for hiding the truth. “I’m sorry Maa”


“You should have taken care of it Geet. Anything else could’ve come instead of this animal” Then Rano patted her cheek. She mouthed a kiss dearly “it’s okay Beta, now don’t start crying” Rano chuckled. She then held lamb ear and started pulling him out of room.


“Where are you taking it away Maa?” Geet asked hurrying behind mother. Rano said of course, to leave it out. Geet didn’t like this idea. Strangely she felt a familiarity with this little creature, as if it was hers’, a thing touched by her friend, by Maan and she should not make it away from her. She requested Rano to keep it in home.


“What are you saying Beta how can we keep it in home?”


“But why we can’t?”


“Geet, you know Beta whatever we have is already not enough for us. What will we feed him?”


“Please Maa” Geet pleaded.


“No Geet. Now don’t start argue with me” Rano started dragging lamb more forcefully.


“Maa please” Geet rushed and stopped Rano’s way, “I promise, I.. I will do anything you will tell. I swear I will do every households you will tell me to do Maa.. and.. and even.. I will share my food with him but please let me keep him in home.. please” She almost begged. Rano was extremely surprised looking at why Geet was so adamant to keep this animal at home. She couldn’t understand her behaviour but then thought, perhaps, this little one had become her new friend, she agreed at last. At least this much she could do for her daughter.


There was no limit of happiness for Geet when she lifted the little one in arms. She kissed him and swirled in joy. Rano shook head looking at Geet, at her childish behaviour. She laughed and vanished into kitchen. 


Silken Shadow Part 18

 “Geet? Is it you?” Maan hurried toward the voice.



“Don’t come near, please” Geet replied out instantly.


Maan startled. “Are you okay?” He asked in worry. When no reply came back for sometimes, he walked nearer to check for her, who was hiding behind a tree. When Geet spoke in low tone, “My clothes are drenched…” She seemed nervous.


Maan looked at her Dupatta in his hand. He understood she must be feeling awkward but yet, questions were remained there. “What she is doing in this condition?”


“But why did you need to go in water Geet? What the need of you to swim at this hour of night?” He was mad.


“I wasn’t swimming!” She replied annoying. She peeped out of tree in a blow. Little anger emerged in her voice thinking it was “him” due to whom she was in this condition. He had invited her and then didn’t come itself. But then she witnessed his constant gaze over her, she looked down. “I was scared”, she said slowly, again clocking behind tree.


“Scared? Of me?” Maan questioned right away.


She glimpsed out. “No” She shook head in denial. “I don’t afraid of you” she said innocently, possessing a smile.


Maan gained a quick smile. He breathed in relief and actually liked her sweet confession. Something rippled in his heart in bliss. But yet again, another confusion bothered his mind. “Then whom you were afraid of Geet, if it wasn’t me?”


Maan, then heard her dim sobs when she started telling what had happened. “I felt.. As if, someone was following me”


Geet clutched head in fear, leaning down in memories lane, how she was running becoming out of breath. Her voice was shaking due to coldness. She crossed arms to hug her body to feel protection from oddity. She shut eyes in tension, “I was so scared. I didn’t know what to do. You’ were not there. I looked for you but you didn’t come and I couldn’t think where to go. And I hid in water but strange noises were still following me. I felt as if I would die in suffocation when suddenly someone jumped into water and I …!”


“Did he hurt you!!”


Suddenly Geet startled, feeling Maan squeezed her both arms with much strength.


“Did he harmed you Geet?!!” Maan asked in tension. Geet opened her eyes only to find his disturbed and attentive eyes onto her. “Did he find you? Hurt you?” He repeated shaking her body.


Geet felt as if his eyes wanted to roam over her entire body, in check of any hurt but her eyes kept his eyes captive. She was afraid of this sudden chillness which had shot her body in a blow. She could feel nothing but only his touch which was wild and yet, concerned and had potential to make her forget, everything. As if, time had stopped. She could smell something in air which was intoxicated. Her head was spinning under the influence of this strange scent, which was coming out of him.


“Tell me Geet..” Maan tugged her closer. His patience was leaving off with each second of her being silent. Someone else were behind her was not acceptable. His already frustrated mind was reaching on the edge of madness, thinking, that someone tried to harm his love. He wanted an instant answer. “Did he harmed you?”


“No” She whispered, somehow composing her mind. “He could do nothing because afterward, I realized it was you who’d jumped into water. Perhaps he run away when you came”


Maan signed in relief. She felt his nerves started getting lessen down. This closeness now started giving Geet feel of skin to skin contact. She realized, how close she had been of him. Her hand could feel movement of his thumping heart against her palm. Her stomach twitched with the feel of his strong skin against her soft one. Though both bodies were wet and cold but she felt extreme heat standing near him. She looked down to observe this strange adventure and witnessed him being bare chested.


Geet gasped in sudden fright realizing this proximity. A strange sensation cut through her body and erupted out making her breathing louder. She drew back with the support of her trembling legs and she decided to run away immediately.


“I  … Have to go” She stammered. She tried to draw back when Maan pulled her even closer. He wrapped arm around her waist. He could feel her rapid heartbeats touching his chest. He will not let her go tonight. Not without confessing his feeling. Not without hearing her confession. He had been keeping much patience but tonight, he was needed revelation of emotions from both sides. “Geet, you cannot go. I want to tell you something”


But she was not ready to spend a second there. The speed of her heart beats had been abnormal. Her mind was spinning feeling week and her body felt as if losing control over him. She was feeling outstretched! She shook head in denial. “No, I need to go home” she said adamantly yet timidly and scared. She tried to remove his hold from her waist and to move back. “Let me go please”


“And what if I do not!!” He exclaimed out, angering, maddening, determined.  


Geet looked him shocked. She panicked looking at his intense eyes which had hollowness.


“What if I do not release you for entire life?” Grabbing her hairs with one hand Maan squeezed her waist with another one, he gazed into her eyes. “What if I do never let you go Geet, what will you do!!?” he jerked her face closer. “What will you do if I say I want to keep you in my arms like this forever, for eternity! Till my death!”


Geet hissed. She didn’t like him talking about death but she was becoming repressed. She was feeling something good inside heart yet she was getting scared with his behaviour and she wanted peace of mind which had been abnormal and desirous. Maan knew he was getting tougher with her. But he had no patience left to make her understand how much he miss her, need her, love her. He wanted her to say something where the secret of her heart could be exposed. But always her being silent, to hide her feeling was irritating.


“You are scaring me” At last when his wildness went out of control, Geet whispered.


Maan lessen down his hold instantly. He realized he perhaps, had gone much far with her, losing his mind over past events. Geet walks away from him. She was unable to catch proper breathe. Her body was shivering. She took support of a tree and clutched heart to gain composure. Maan picked up his shirt from ground and wore. He then took her Dupatta and stopped at her back. He hesitated. But then put Dupatta over her head and shawled around shoulders. “I’m sorry Geet” He whispered near her ear.


“I don’t want to be near you. You scare me. I want to go home” Geet spoke, losing her mind over the trance. Still unknown with the fact that it was not his behaviour which was scaring her, but this closeness, his wild confession, his passion filled declaration was much terrifying and she said those words.


Maan immediately left her. Her words had shaken his mind in violent throw. She doesn’t want my presence. She doesn’t want to be near me, she doesn’t want me!.. She doesn’t want me!” He moved back looking at her. It was unexpected. He was in pain. He was hurt. He looked for words to reply but failed to find any. Seems words ditched him.


Geet turned to see him when found a lifelong silence. She waited for him to shout over her like always, to stop her. To tug her near.


“If it’s your wish Geet, .. I promise, this Maan of you will never cross your path. You will never see my face again..”


Saying Maan left Geet. He walked away, started getting lost into blurred darkness. Where Geet could only hear the crushing sound of lifeless, dried leaves under his feet. She couldn’t understand what happened but whatever was happening, pained her heart. She hadn’t expected this outcome. She couldn’t understand why her heart wanted to run behind Maan. She couldn’t understand the reason of those tears which came out of her eyes without a permission but she didn’t like his going away of her. Suddenly everything started seeming lifeless around her. Even breeze had stopped blowing. This silence was terrifying. She needed him to soothe her thumping heart. She needed him to ease her shiver. She needed him to talk to her. She needed him to say, that she is beautiful. She needed him only.. only him. She needed Maan. She wants to be near him. She wants him to scare her with his words, with his behaviours, with his intense gaze. She needed him.


“Maan!!!” Geet screamed. For the first time she took his name without a restriction. She runs behind him. And she found, Maan was there, stopped. She fastened her speed.


She looked him helplessly. She held his hand but didn’t understand what should say. She was week in ability of using words in favour of anyone. She was weak in expressing her feelings. She even didn’t know to give name of her emotion. But she knew, she had to say something, otherwise, he will leave. “Maan.. I.. I..” She stammered, fought with words but failed to bring them out. She looked down in shame. She dropped on ground failing.


“Please don’t go” She finally said in low tone.  

Maan sat near her. He lifted her face and smiled. Geet looked him with tearful eyes, not getting what he was thinking. And before she could guess any, he pulled her in a tight hug.

Silken Shadow Part 17

 Geet hugged him suddenly. Maan smiled breathing in her fragrance, closing his eyes down. He couldn’t believe that his love itself embraced him. He stirred hands to deepen this hug when found, his arms were vacant. He squeezed eyes in confusion. His hands moved to find Geet but only cold air could be felt. He opened eyes in a jerk. Geet was nowhere.



“Geet?” .. He wandered, roving around, then pushed hairs back in frustration. “Was I dreaming her?”


Maan found himself, sitting alone under a huge tree, beside pond where even waves were silent. He stood up. He walked some far with a hope that would find Geet, perhaps she will be coming as per he had dreamed but, the surrounding was barren. Maan was very disappointed. His wish was again remained unfulfilled and his emotions were again crashed by his mysterious girl. He was very angry. He was wild!


He had to leave with Mohsin because he had promised him but heart was denying to leave this place.


“She will come, I know!”


His heart shouted but the fact was totally opposite. Geet had not yet come and it had started getting darker. There was no hope left for her arrival and this truth was a killer. Maan repelled in agony. Now again he would have to suffer for longer. He would’ve to wait for an entire day to see her again and this waiting was awful because it had uncertainty. It seemed that God used to write his destiny every day and unsure Maan even didn’t know, would he be alive tonight or again death would sweep him up and once again, he would be punished to bear the torture of another wait’


But the time was up. Maan had to leave. He had promised to Mohsin and so was compelled. He left infuriating, cursing his fate and partially, broken.  




Geet was running toward the place where she could meet Maan. The step she had taken was now terrifying her. The depth of darkness had increased and she felt, as if she was being stalked. She was scared with the blurred and following noise. Geet didn’t know where she was. She had no idea of Maan, would he be around or even not? But she was highly afraid, thinking someone was, following her. From thick bushes noises were coming closer.


Somehow she reached the place, where they used to meet but the place was deserted. Maan was not present! Geet was offended. When she found herself alone, fear enfolded her further. She gasped biting her trembling lips. Her breathing was rapid. She examined the surrounding through moisten and shaking eyes, with hope that Maan should be near, somewhere and would save her but within minute she understood, she was alone!


She blinked eyes in fear and regret. “Why did I come? I shouldn’t have believed him” Geet thought, slightly crying. She decided to go back but couldn’t advance a step ahead. “What if the stalker would catch me?” Her mind had stopped working. She heard the sound among bushes! Geet got alarmed. She clutched mouth in agitation. She moved back in fear. The sound was coming closer. She had to save herself but there was no secret place. She hurried and jumped off in water and drown deep and hide beneath black waves.




A car stopped in front of a house.


“Wooho! We reached!”


Group of boys whistled and hooted and jumped out of car.


“Maan, come out of car, we are here!” A boy Raja, called him.


Engrossed in his own thought, Maan startled. He then, scanned the place and wondered, where he was. The area was showering in lights. It was filled with uncommon people. Drunken men were swinging here and there on road, maundering and staring to women around. Sound of rapid music and following female voices were obscene and distasteful and it hit his ears sharply. It filled disgusting sensation in his body. And then, he realized, where he had been brought to and his already risen anger boasted up.


“Why the hell we are here?” Maan shouted, attracting eyes of boys who were enjoying this atmosphere. They looked each other and then looked at Mohsin who gulped saliva down in fear.


“I am going back and you’re coming with me. Got you!!” Maan exclaimed looking at Mohsin. His eyes were red and madden and he just wanted to leave off the place he hated. He turned to leave when found Mohsin was stood yet still and unmoved. Maan looked him confused.


“What you thinking?” Maan asked.


“Maan please, please stay here for few minutes” taking a deep breath Mohsin tried to whisper. He moved near and said, “Maan please, I know we shouldn’t have come here but..”


“You already knew we are coming here?” Maan asked surprising. He was still thinking that Mohsin was innocent and didn’t know about the plan.


Mohsin nodded. “I knew” then he instantly looked Maan to convince him, “But I swear I don’t have any wrong intension Maan. It’s just a bet that we have to stay here only for fifteen minutes and then we can leave…”


“We?” Maan was shocked.


Mohsin head hung down in embarrassment.


Maan’s eyes turned red in fury. “So it all was a plan?” Maan just turned to leave back in disbelief, when Mohsin rushed and grabbed his hand. “Yaar please, only for few minutes and nothing would change within, I promise!”


“And what about your father Mohsin? What if he comes to know..”


The colour of Mohsin’s face dried hearing father name but he said further, gathering little bravery he had left with. “I.. I know.. But.. I don’t want to lose this bet” He looked down in shame. “I don’t want to become a fool in front of entire collage who thinks me.. Think of me.. “A Worthless”..


Maan eyed him but before he could react, Mohsin almost begged him to stay there only for some time and then, they would leave together. “Please Yaar, for my reputation sake can’t you do it?”


Maan closed eyes for a second then opened it. He knew it was wrong but still he couldn’t refused his friend’s request, even though he hated to take a single breath in this atmosphere. But he had to agree. Despite of knowing what he was doing was a sin yet still, he couldn’t deny. They had lived many moments before where Mohsin had helped him a lot and now, he would have to be there for saving his friend from this hell.  


“Thanks Maan” Mohsin smiled timidly. Maan hesitated to keep foot over the door. His heart was denying but Mohsin dragged him inside.


Inside, the Mahfil’ was ready to welcome its customer. The place was fully decorated with glasses and mirrors. Pearls and beads strings hanging from walls were giving a glorious appearance of interior. There was a separate hall where at four sides there were sitting arrangements on floor where Maan found all boys were settled already. They looked at Mohsin who was hiding behind Maan and they smirked hiding mock inside eyes.


Mohsin walked inside hall to join them but Maan refused to even move from the spot. He just hated this sharp smell, filled with rose-flower and wine which was hitting his nostrils. He hated the sound of music and following, rapid movement of anklets. He was feeling heavy head and rigid legs and wanted to go away, but didn’t want to leave Mohsin alone. It was only matter of few minutes and he will bear everything for him. But this would be the last time Maan was agreed on his request. “And this, cannot be repeated! Not anymore! I will not let it happen again!” Maan vowed.


“Who is this boy?” Zarina Begum, whispered to next, standing behind sheen curtain.


“Maanhar Khurana… New arrived in city Zarina Begum. Bas yun samjh lo heere ki khan hai” Raja, whispered back in her ears, smirking. “But bringing him here was not that easy” he said sheepishly.


Zarina smirked understanding his interest. “You’ll get your share” she assured.


Raja grinned. “But taming him would not be that easy”


Zarina laughed in attitude. She walked off inside caressing her long opened hairs “There is no man in this entire city who could be saved by my charm and he’, is no exception”


Raja nodded hearing her comment. He knew she run the most famous courtesan of Lucknow and has been capable of controlling over every situation or man. He went back to be get mixed up into his group and waited for Zarina’s next move.


“Khushamdeed Sarkaar, naachiz ko Zarina Begum kahte hai. Aap ne itla nai di aanay ki, warna hum rastoon mein chiragan kartay huzoor ke liye”


She bowed head down before Maan in a welcoming manner. But Maan looked away, just to ignore her statement.


His attitude hit her ego but she controlled. She smiled sheepishly. “Kya hua sarkaar, aandar nahi aayenge?”


“No thanks, I’m fine here” Maan replied aimlessly. He was counting every second that when time would get over and he could leave this squalid place. Each second he was remembering Geet to cure his nausea and her every memory was enhancing restlessness of his heart. His being unmoved annoyed Zarina but she, had another methods to defeat his ignorance. She eyed to a girl who was watching them from far. Girl smiled. She nodded and went inside and came back holding a golden tray. There was kept a glass made of silver in it and a silver jug, filled with plain water, but it had been drugged. She walked toward Maan. When girl came, Zarina left the place intentionally. Girl smiled looking at Maan. She had never seen a handsome man before like him and intended to woo him.


“I know you will not come inside Huzoor, but there is no any harm of having a glass of water?” She said manner-fully.


Though Maan again refused but she even ignored his denial and kept tray on a table. She bent down to pour water in glass. Purposefully, her Dupatta slipped down from shoulder baring a noticeable part of her cleavage and she looked at Maan with tempted eyes, smirking.


Maan turned face away to ignore the sight. He was seething in anger. He started leaving off the place but then thought about Mohsin, and his legs stopped. He had to watch over his friend and had to bring him back cleaned and only few minutes were left. He couldn’t leave. He walked toward the corner and looked out of a huge window in hope of removing this heavy mood, but, even the cool breeze felt poisonous. Everything was suffocating. He turned around only to find her, more near.


“I’ve heard that a gentleman do not avoid when a girl request for something” She advanced the glass to him, smiling, giving a nasty hint through eyes. She bit her lips in sensuous manner. “Le lijiye na, Huzoor!” She touched his arm.


“Enough!” his mind shouted out! That was enough of his patience! His eyes turned darkest in anger. He gave her deadly glare and looked at her hold fuming and before she could understand the situation Maan banged over the glass and it got thrown on floor making loud sound. Girl moved back terrified. Everyone rushed out hearing the noise and Mohsin was one of them.


“I’m leaving this place Right Now and you’re coming with me!” He commanded to Mohsin but was surprised to find him unmoved. Mohsin looked toward the group and found them smirking in fun. 


Maan stared him for a minute. Mohsin looked down in shame. Maan haven’t left with much patience to make him understand or to forcefully drag him out. He left the place before his volcanic anger could have burst out of control.


All boys went back inside hall to resume the fun leaving Mohsin there alone. He first couldn’t decide should he also, leave the place and go behind Maan or should stay there to win the bet? He knew this place was not for him and finally, breaking off the fear of his reputation could’ve been devastated among his friends, he runs behind Maan, calling his name. But he was late. Maan had left the area and Mohsin went back to Mansion shaking in fear and regret and in shame.




“What happened Zarina Begum? Did you lose your Charm?”


Raja laughed over her defeated face. She was burning in anger. This was the first time she had been showed the face of failure by a man and it was unbearable and unforgettable. She glared him in anger. Raja controlled laughing.


 “Your happiness will not last any longer Raja” She spoke getting serious but then smiled, “its good! After long years I have got to see a lion. Life had been so tedious otherwise” She walked further in attitude, “It will be a fun to tame a strong-headed like him. After a long time this Zarina Begum has something to do more exciting than to entertain impotent like you” she smirked looking at him.


Before Raja could interrupt she commanded, “Get me every detail of him”


“And what about my share?”


“Zarina Begum never breaks her promise! Go inside and grab your money and just leave off”


Saying she herself walked inside controlling her oozing anger which could’ve erupted out next second.




Maan’s mind wanted relief and to be relaxed. Today what happened was not expected and his skin was burning with the girl’s touch. He never knew that his body could’ve reacted this way with an unknown touch as if everything just belonged to Geet only and he felt responsible for a cheating. He wanted her to hold him at the same place. His body was aching to feel her, wanted her to comfort him. He reached near pond because no place had imprinted her aura. Even knowing she wouldn’t be there he felt as if her impressions were there and was enough to ease him.


But he was wrong!


Nothing could soothe him. Neither her remembrance nor her illusion. His heart was still restless. It was burning in flames of strange desires. He needed something urgently which could be able to cool him.


He removed his shirt and jumped off into water. He swum far in madness, in insanity. This water was the only thing belonged to Geet and somehow, after some time, he felt the tension was melting down. He felt relieved. Maan now lessened down the speed. He laid over waves facing uncountable of stars up which were staring him same way. He closed eyes feeling peaceful when pure breeze stroked his skin.


“Geet” He whispered.


Suddenly he found something soft touched his head covering his face. He opened eyes to check what it was and found a silky Dupatta floating around his body. He knew this smell. “It is of Geet?” He looked around. He swum around restlessly but couldn’t find anyone. An unknown fear possessed his heart. He remembered about his dream where she was in danger.




Maan shouted.


“Why her Dupatta is here? Floating on water?” He was suspicious.




He again shouted out. Crushing Dupatta near heart he rushed out of pond and scanned the place. He called her name once again terrified, thinking “If she was fine?”




“Shh, don’t shout my name. Someone will hear”


Maan stopped hearing her sweet voice. He turned around,




He whispered her name in relief. 

Silken Shadow Part 16

 Maan talked to Ali Khan about the trip. He agreed without any more argue without Maan would be with his son. So finally the trip had been decided by tomorrow. Mohsin was on cloud nine finding permission and so was Maan, finding Geet.




Her acts, her coming to meet him unintentionally had proven that she had likeness upon him. His being in pain had caught her attention. Even his rudeness didn’t frightened her. Everything was pointing toward only one direction which would bring her at only one destination, that is, “At core of his heart”. He smiled. He looked at his hand. He didn’t knew that pain could be so delicate and kept potential to bring lovers closer. His wound today forced Geet to advance a step nearer to him and this act taught him a new lesson of love.



”If I would know, this pain is a method to win you Geet, I would’ve obtained it even earlier” Tonight undoubtedly was to go sleepless for Maan. This room was suffocating. He walked out, went on roof, in fresh and cool weather. Today even this breeze had scent of her body. It seemed, this darkness had stolen colour from her hairs. And this moon up on sky,…”



He smiled. ”My moon girl”, Maan whispered. He remembered, their first meeting which happened at this same place. He didn’t know at moment that the night has plans to make the same fearing, fragile girl, his impassioned desire. Tonight, even this moon was looking dull in front of her glowing face and these Stars were twinkling like her glossy lustrous eyes. She possess certainly, ocean of innocence where his heart always wish to swim within.



“Will she ever voice out that she loves me?” Maan thought. He imagined about the moment she’ll announce her love. His heart felt ticklish in simulation. His throat choked in happiness. Like an insane he proclaimed in air among judgement of weather, “I swear, I am sure, I’ll die in happiness!” He was breathing heavily. He pushed hairs back excitedly. He just wished this night to run away fast so that tomorrow, she could come to meet him again.



“But will she really come?” His mind asked.



Heart answered promptly, “yes, she will’.



Maan smiled. The mere thought of meeting her lightened his condition. He came back in room and slept in wait for next sunrise.



But this night couldn’t bring relief for Geet. She was yet sleepless equal to Maan she was thinking about him, about their meeting. Like always she was talking with nature. Standing beside a window in her room, she was thoughtful about the events. She was amazed about her hidden spirit that took her to Maan. She was feeling madden at the time. She lied. She didn’t have let mind win over heart. But whatever happened, amazingly, she had no guilt. She was satisfied that they met. “Otherwise who would’ve aid his wound?” She thought suddenly.



“You know, he is very careless” Geet complained. She became worried thinking if he would’ve taken care of his hand or not’. Geet felt an extreme desire to meet him again. To check, if he was feeling okay.


“You would’ve been visiting him daily. Wouldn’t you?” Geet asked moon. ”How lucky you’re, you can see him even now, what he would be doing. Can you tell me, how is he?” She asked sadly. First time in life she felt bad that she hadn’t any friend who could’ve replied her questions. How she wished her friends would’ve ability to talk. Geet felt alone. Maan’s company had risen a need, to have someone, with whom she could share words. To whom she could’ve talked. Her heart turned anxious, to go to him, to see him and talk till morning comes. She went to bed and laid down upsetting. She remembered he had asked about coming tomorrow.


“Should I go?” But then thought how could she go? Wouldn’t it cheating to her mother? She had different life. She had no permission to welcome anyone.


“But there should not be fault in making friends” Her heart argued fearing.


“What it mean?” She sat up surprised. “Is he my friend?” Geet was amazed with this realization. But it was true she liked the way he had been waiting for her. The way of his staring her face. His nearness. His rudeness. His silence and when he shouted and the way he held her while, she slept. Everything was a beautiful memory which she never got from others. She rushed to window.


“Did you all heard what my heart said?” Geet excitedly announced. “it said, he can be my friend, like you all are I have” She fiddled Dupatta in hesitation, like a little girl. “Um, can I.. Can I really make him friend? I mean he is a male” “But he is really different from others! I know. Won’t you all become angry if I… I really like him!” Geet finally accepted and shyly bit her lips between teeth. She looked at scenery besides pond, to find any reply nature gives. Her heart was beating in eagerness. “Tell me please. What if he became my friend, will mother be angry?”


Trees danced in wind. The rustling of bushes attracted her attention. She knew, what they wanted to convey. She spun in happiness. She had gotten desired reply. She decided going tomorrow and slept smiling.




Next morning she had hurry in everything. She was running upon wind. How much she wished, this day could pass earlier and night could come so fast and she could go to meet Maan. Every time she would think, her heart would skip several beats in excitement and in nervousness. Even Rano noticed her strange activities but she knew, her daughter was no less than a child. She ignored in laugh.


In evening, Rano called Geet. She handed over her a dress. “Geet, wear it and tell how it looks on you?”


“Maa, you did this design?” Geet looked at dress surprised and at beautiful glittering silk thread embroideries which was enhancing the beauty of dress. She was amazed looking at the lacy border of Dupatta. Rano nodded smiling. “I knew you wanted to buy a new dress Geet. But you know, I can’t afford a new one this time. But I myself made this for you. I’m sure, my Geetali would look like a princess wearing it”


Geet happiness doubled when she held this beautiful dress. Excitedly she wore it and came out. She was really, looking very pretty. Rano heart swelled looking at her lovely daughter.


Geet heart jumped higher to go to her new friend and showing her dress. She was looking herself in mirror. Suddenly her heart started wishing, she could get his appreciation also. She hoped, Maan praise her beauty like the way he had done many times.


“You’re indeed, so beautiful Geet”


She remembered him saying. She felt weird ticklish in stomach. She hid face between palms.


She looked at sky. Moon was yet not visible. Geet complained making faces, “When night would come?”. Geet had never waited for night like the way she was doing right now. And finally, when it came, her heart started dancing on several miscellaneous tunes she’d never heard before.


Tip toeing she came out of room after being sure Rano had slept. Though she was feeling bad for not let her mother knowing about this meeting, but she decided to tell her everything one day. Today she didn’t want to swim. Her new dress would’ve been drenched. She decided to go through walking by side of pond. Though it was a long route. She would’ve to cross the area she hated and she had to walk in dark but strangely she didn’t fear. Something sitting inside heart was pushing her further, cheering her up and waking up hidden courage punctually. She did even think once what if Maan wouldn’t have come tonight, or someone could’ve seen her. It seemed, she had decided to get this act otherwise something major, she could lose in life. She was getting out of breath due to fast, secret walk. Covering her face with Dupatta, like a thief she was going, running among thick forest, in sharp darkness but she had passion of meeting Maan anyhow.


Geet didn’t know where she reached. She had never travelled so far alone. She stopped. Holding a tree for support, she clutched waist and huffed, choked for catching gone breath. Her breathing was making sound in this silent but she was unknown. Suddenly she heard a noise. Geet got alerted. She paused breathing and hid behind tree. It was footsteps which was coming nearer. She held heart in fright. What if it would be any male, would’ve seen her? She felt like cry. She peeped out but nothing found visible in faded moonlight. Suddenly she wished if Maan would be there, to take her in arms. At this moment she realised how much his presence had given her feel of protection.


Noise was getting thicker. She moved back. She didn’t realised her anklet was chiming with every move. She closed eyes to remember God but Maan face got visible. Even his memory calmed her heart like always. She found spirit to run! Her mind, her heart shouted equally, “Run Geet, Go away from here. Maan must be somewhere around! You can find him”


Geet started running. She didn’t know which direction should go but she had to reach Maan.




She stopped hearing a sudden call from back. She bit Dupatta corner between teeth veiling her face, fearing but when he called twice, she recognised, whose voice it was. She spun around. Found Maan, shocked and amazed but before he could understand anything, Geet runs and hugged him, tight.  


Silken Shadow Part 15

 Her veil slipped down revealing her full face. Maan couldn’t take his eyes off from the sight. In red darkness of evening, amongst the reverberation of Namaaz when they met, everything became serene around like God and nature itself had planned this venue, for this foregathering. Maan forgotten to blink and so was Geet and when she realized the fact, her head automatically bowed down in Sazda, in return of successfully fulfilment of her wish. Or may be, in shyness.



 Maan held her chin and lifted her face up. ”I knew, you’ll come back Geet” he whispered.


Geet gasped for breath. She then realized, what she did! Another sin! She cheated her mother’s trust. She panted in embarrassment and moved back taking slow steps. ”I’d have to go back” she blabbered. She took few more steps back and then turned around to run away and became vanished into forest.


Maan frowned in amazement and anger. He couldn’t understand this sudden shift of moments. ”Why she always do the same?”  His mind thundered. “Does she not like me? Then why the hell she has to come every time when I need her? Does she enjoy humiliating my emotions, my love?” He bang fist against tree in anger. He wanted to scream.


Geet legs paused. It felt so weighty to be furthered up. She tried to walk but her legs seemed had ditched her already. She made face in helplessness. She looked back in wait for something then complained. ”Why this time he didn’t stop me?” Geet perhaps had, badly missed his anger for her leaving. She even peered back that if he would be following, but Maan did not. That made her disappointed. She decided to wait there for sometimes, hoping if he would come. But Maan decided not to stop her, this time. He was offensive due to her strange behaviour. He punched over the hard trunk again and again, this time more aggressively.



”Ishh! Don’t do it. You’ll get hurt”


Maan startled hearing her unexpected voice. Suddenly his hand stopped and so was his tempestuous breathing. But he didn’t feel like to turn back. He feared, she’ll again plead to leave and he would again failed to stop her. He tightened fist in term of holding back. His hand started bleeding. Geet hasten hissing in agony. ”You’re bleeding” she said staring his hand.


”Why you’re worried?” He replied angrily. ”Go away Geet, I’ll not stop you” he turned face aside. But her concentration was only over his hand which had cut. ”It must be paining” she spoke feeling sting in heart.


”Why do you care” Maan glared her. “This pain is nothing Geet which I have been feeling since weeks”


But Geet didn’t understand his mean but she didn’t like his being ignorant toward this injury. Her heart was melting like wax in heat. It was so painful to see Maan in pain. Once he had helped her and Rano, so now she should do the same!” Giving this logic to her weirdly concerned heart Geet became desperate to help him. To soothe his ache. She looked around, hurried toward pond and brought a handful of water filling between palms but before reaching to Maan, all water had been dropped. She made face. She didn’t find courage to command over him to go to pond himself nor found any right to drag him forcefully. Finally finding no other way she started tearing her Dupatta thinking can bandage with it when Maan grabbed her hand, thoroughly amazed with her act,


”What you’re doing?” He shouts.


”You’re hand is bleeding” she said timidly, feeling butterfly in stomach with his touch.


”Let it be uncured. You don’t need to worry about my pain’ he turned away in frustration. This girl was really a mystery for Maan and failure in understanding her had forced him to feel miserable. ”Go away before once again I lose my temper over you!”


But amazingly Geet didn’t fear with this threat. She had understood, he can never hurt her. She had trust on him and at this moment, she didn’t want to leave him in pain.


”Run off Geet!” He glared her shouting, showing his ire eyes.


No. I will not” she replied boldly, straightway. Maan watched her stunned and her bravery flew off. ”I mean after nursing your hand, I’ll leave”


Mentally he burst out laughing in reaction like insane. He didn’t know what this girl wants to do with him. He didn’t understand should he pity over this scared-deer or should do sympathy over his own destiny, which was making fun of his love sentiments, but in a beautiful way” but he couldn’t deny her demand though.


Geet walked toward water and Maan followed her silently. Both were unvoiced and so was this atmosphere. Geet didn’t have noticed Namaaz had been ended. Noor must be looking for her, Rano could’ve come back anytime but Geet, seemed had forgotten everything and the only thing she could remember, was his hand in her hands.


She cleaned wounds with water then rubbed wet soil on his hand. Maan didn’t groaned even after feeling much sting. But more pain he was feeling in heart. There waves were curdling to jerk her closer. To pull her in arms and not to let her go back. And when love couldn’t seat back inside silently, it battled to come out. To reveal his feeling. To touch her, to love her till next-world. To crush her in hug until death separates them aggressively. He wanted to tell her everything, right there! He clutched her both hands and tugged closer.


”Geet, I want to say you something”


But this pull brought Geet out from her calmed world. Reality hit her mind sharply. Geet remembered where was she? What risk could’ve been awaiting for her. She stood up trembling, a half scared with this sudden closeness and half due to upcoming. ”I need to go” she blabbered. She hurriedly placed veil over head which had been slipped on floor. It was not her manner. She hesitated. She started running off when Maan grabbed her hand.


”Where are you going?” He questioned dominating.


Geet looked him in pity. She was really in danger from both side and even her heart was increasing her problem. It was denying to leave but mind was scolding strongly. She looked up to sky. Moon had been visible clearly filling deep darkness surround. Maan understood her worry. He calmed down his tone.


“Will you come back tomorrow?” He asked helplessly. This time no anger nor any depression but a wish to hear her saying “yes!”


She replied nervously. “Please leave my hand. I need to go back. What if Maa comes back before me reaching home!” she blabbered in fear which Maan heard. He understood what her trouble was.


”Be calm Geet. Don’t worry I will drop you” he commanded. Geet looked him stunned. “How she can go with him?” She said no but Maan didn’t let her deny more. He forced her to agree. Only this way he could find chance to know about her address. Geet couldn’t decide what should reply but finally she had to accept. She sat next to Maan and he stopped car opposite side of road from Noor’s home.


”Is it your house?” He asked but without reply Geet escaped. Geet walked in inside and peeped through door. Maan smiled in satisfaction that at last, he found her house. He knew, she was looking at him secretly and enjoying her steal, he drove off pleased with a success.




“Geet?” Noor patted her shoulder startling Geet in instant fear. She turned back.


“Where were you Geet? You know I was scared after not finding you in home?”


Geet was in dilemma, what to say. She first danced her eyes at every corner getting view if Rano would’ve come, but breathed in relief, not finding her. Now she could tell any convenient lie,” she thought. Geet said, a snake charmer had come outside and she had gone to see the fun.


“You’re really fool Geet. At least could’ve told me before leaving. You scared me!”


“I’m sorry” Geet said, looking down but she knew, she was forgiven. After they did dinner together and late night Rano came and took her home.




There was no bound of happiness today for Maan. He was smiling like a charmer and his walk was showing his glee. Even on dinner table when Ali Khan asked about his work Maan gladly said it’s going very fine. In next few days he will organise an audition for actor and actresses and pamphlets has been already distributed. Everyone appreciated his job leaving Mohsin. Maan found him unexpected silent and thought to talk him later.


“Bhai Jaan did you find any hidden treasure in your theatre that looking so happy?” Nishad commented while Maan was going in his room. He turned back and smiled and replied, “May be, yes!”


“Really?” She was amazed. She runs behind. “Then keep my share aside. I’m not going to share it with Mohsin Bhai Jaan”


“Even I’m not going to share this treasure with anyone Nishu” He pulled her cheeks in fun. “This treasure is only mine” he announced and left, giving her an offer to notice his transformed behaviour.


“What happened him?” Nishad thought. She decided to ask him and runs behind.


“Bhai Jaan what are you hiding..”


 Suddenly Mohsin walked in letting her stop her question in middle. “Nishad I need to talk Maan in alone” He sounded serious that Maan noticed but Nishad did not. She fought back to stay with them but Maan dearly convinced her. After her leaving Mohsin locked door from inside.


“What happened Mohsin? You seems serious”


“Wo.. I need your help Maan”




Mohsin then nervously said that his friends has made an outing trip in night. But Ali Khan will never allow him for going on this night picnic.


“But what i can help in it Mohsin?” still not guessing the matter Maan asked.


“Maan Bhai if you also come with me I’m sure Abbu wouldn’t deny”


“No way!” Maan clearly denied. “You know I don’t like this picnic thing and they would be your friends. What I would do there?”


“Maan please. I know Abbu trust you more than me and if you will say you’ll be me, then only he can say yes. Please yaar, its matter of my reputation. You know in collage everyone make fun of me, saying I have life of a girl. I have no allowance to enjoy out in night, like girls” He felt like will have a puppy-cry right there. Maan laughed over his expression. Anyways his mood was super gleamed today, he agreed, without asking, where actually they had plans to go.


Silken Shadow part 14



Geet couldn’t think any further. Her heart started playing in unusual way just thinking about Maan. Closing uninvited entry of past events into mind, she stood up. She decided to drop wet clothes away from body and get into fresh one. She put off a pair of old dress from hanger and came to enhance lantern light. While pulling Kurti off from shoulder she saw her reflection in mirror and couldn’t make eyes stay over it properly. She felt different and shying. Immediately she turned back. She clutches clothes against chest and looked down blushing, squeezing the table edge in her fist. Her heartbeats were making situation tougher to control. Geet run away and hid behind curtain. Hurriedly she changed into dried cloth and came back to see her face in mirror. She found herself looking different. Her face was diversely glowing and eyes had shine. The same shine she had found in Maan’s eyes when he was looking at her. Geet could still remember and feel his eyes over her face. His thought again brought smile on her lips.


“Why are you smiling?”  She questioned to mirror pouting in anger but mirror didn’t reply back. She frowned in frustration. ”You know, now days everyone has started making plans against me” She complained. ”I didn’t want to go. I didn’t want to break my mother’s promise but I did, only because of you!”


You?” Suddenly she felt as if, she saw Maan, inside the glass. He was looking at her without a blink. Geet couldn’t hold back but to talk to him. This time, she didn’t feel like to escape away. She wished to spend time with him. ”Why did you wanted to meet me?” She questioned. Desperately waited for his reply, but Maan seemed, angry and madden. The same expression she had witnessed in meeting. His eyes were red and face had sorrow. Strangely Geet felt a hurting in heart. She raised hand to touch him, to soothe his temper but glass came in between. She realized, she was dreaming. She clutched mouth in embarrassment and turned away.


”What was I doing?” She was ashamed. Once she did sin, breaking her mother’s promise she went to meet a man in night, she spent time sleeping in his arms and now, wanted to release his pain! ”Why I’m doing this?” She became restless. Instantly she dimmed the lamp so that couldn’t again see Maan through mirror. She wanted to divert her mind immediately.



It was night and as usual music and instrument sounds were coming from outside. Geet came and opened a window to get air fresh in lunge. She had to, actually force her mind to hear anything which could help her to forget Maan but this time, nothing found helpful when suddenly a female voice attracted her ears. She knew who was singing. Geet started looking around to find the girl and finally saw her sitting in her balcony in a house across road.


She was Razia. She has around the same age of Geet or might be, little elder. Geet really loved her voice whenever used to hear her singing. Razia was rehearsing for a song when she noticed a shadow, stood behind the window at front. That could be a very rare sight for her or for anyone, finding someone in this window. She stood up and came on railing to get clearer view. Geet hid behind wall because she was not allowed to use this window. It used to open at roadside and Rano didn’t want Geet to use it. She hurried to close wooden frames when found Razia was signalling something with hands, seemed wanted to talk to her. Geet first hesitated, but then realized she was desperately needed a diversion. She came into sight.


By dancing hands in air Razia asked if she was fine. Geet nodded yes.


Razia asked if she heard her song. Geet shook head in reply. Again Razia said something which Geet couldn’t understand.


“Wait” Razia signalled. She went and wrote something in a paper and then picked up a small stone. She wrapped letter in it and signalled Geet to move aside. Then Razia threw letter toward Geet. Stone hit the floor. Geet instantly picked it up and read. “Do you have composed any new song Geet?” Razia had written.


Suddenly Geet realized ” she hadn’t written anything since long. Unknowingly her mind went toward her stranger. She realized that after her first meeting with him, she had stopped writing. She had forgotten almost everything which she used to do for passing time but amazingly, never got bored. Seemed, every time his recollection used to entertain her, pleased her.


She went to window. Razia was still waiting for her reply. Geet was thoughtful, what should answer back when suddenly heard, a lady called Razia inside. She run away after waving hand to Geet. Geet bid adieu back. After Razia leaving she also closed the window like always and came back on bed. She laid down. Geet was ready to struggle for sleep, even today like every night. But today’s restlessness was different. Maan face was not going away from her consciousness and sleep seemed far away from her eyes. She could just wish to get a restful night, tonight.




Maan was sitting behind desk. He was staring over the grey wall, resting head on the chair back-wall. Inside the huge theatre building he used to own a small office which seemed gloomy tonight. He wasn’t able to forget Geet. Still living in her thought Maan wished to spend millions years only if she could only sleep in his arms for once, like today. He didn’t wish to go home back, not wanted to talk anyone. He only wanted to think about her. Suddenly the office phone sounded, breaking up his chain of thoughts.


“Maan Bhai Jaan, won’t you have to come back home?” Nishad shouted just after Maan touching receiver up to his ear. He stirred up at once. Got irritated. But remained silent.


“Bhai Jaan, are you okay?” She expressed worry.


“Hm” Maan replied.


“O Ho, now I understood what Ammi Jaan wanted to say”


“What did she say?” Maan was eager to know.


“Nothing. She only said that now only a beautiful girl, mean my Bhabhi Jaan can handle my Maan Bhai weird routine. He is going away out of control” She started laughing that reminded Maan about Geet. “Yes, it was right. How easily that alone girl is able to control his life, even without her presence” he thought.


“Bhai Jaan are you hearing me?”


“Yes Nishu, I’m here” He spoke sounding blurred. Nishad guessed, something might not be right with him. He did never behaved like hollow. She couldn’t see him this gloomy. Even though not knowing about reason she wished to cheer him up. She sung a few lines of a song just to make him smile.


Dil\-E\-Naadaa.N Tujhe Huaa Kyaa Hai
Aakhir Is Dard Kii Davaa Kyaa Hai


Ham Hai.N Mushtaaq Aur Vo Bezaar
Yaa Ilaahii, Ye Maajaraa Kyaa Hai




Maan closed eyes in desperation after hearing the lines which properly suited his condition. His heart became more restless for Geet that he couldn’t hear what Nishad was asking from another side. He just wanted to get away from this turbulence. He said he had lots of work to complete due to this, wouldn’t come home tonight and hit the receiver back on to phone. He then rested head on chair-back and closed eyes. After little effort, his tired mind made him sleep without any further hassle. 


Maan opened eyes with a chiming sound hitting his ears. “Geet?” he startled up. He again tried to recognise the sound and “Yes! It was of Geet’s anklet” he was sure. He rushed out and found, morning had been arrived and it was raining. He tried to find Geet but she was not around but then he realized, it was rain’s sound which was coming when drop hit a metal buried in soil.


Maan smiled. He shook head pushing hairs back thinking what was happening to him? He had started behaving like a child!”


This cool weather had vanished down every grief and freshness had been filled in his heart by the scented wet soil. He looked toward the pond. He had met Geet there yesterday. The most beautiful moment of his life he had spent with her. Maan walked there, getting drenched in rain. He was enjoying this coldness. He stared the stormy waves. How once, this waves had fulfilled his request. He felt like to thank them. He looked around and found a flower laying on ground. Maan picked it up and put in water thanking it. His mind made him understand that Geet will come back to him surely. Even without knowing it was he, who had written those letters she was forced by heart to come, then after meeting him, she couldn’t be able to stop her desiring heart to run back to him one day and he will wait for that day. He will wait for her here, at this same place every day till wouldn’t tell her, his heart wish. He vowed. He then drove off to home satisfied.


After that day, Maan daily used to go there, on the bank of pond he waited for Geet.  He had hope she will come one day. He knew his love will force even God to bring her to him. He never missed chance to wait for her and meanwhile honestly concentrated over his work.




One day, Rano had to go out. She had some urgent work and it could get late in night till returning back home. She couldn’t leave Geet alone in house and so decided to keep her with Noor till she comes back. Khan Sahib was also away from home for some reason. Geet was spending time with Noor talking about their collage and studies. It was very hot inside so Noor brought Geet on terrace. 


They were standing near railing, talking and looking around when Geet found the same pond across road, at little much distance. She hadn’t notice it before! But how?” then Noor told that this area was hidden behind those few trees which had been cleared away a few days before.  


Geet could see the pond clearly and everything started running into her mind. She didn’t hear what Noor was saying. her meeting with Maan was the only attraction she was getting  involved  in. And suddenly she felt, as if had seen a man there! Walking at the edge of pond. “Is he “him?” she thought. She tried to look clearer but in evening blur couldn’t let her see properly but her heart shouted, it was Maan! She turned back breathing heavily.


“What happened Geet?”


Geet shook head getting into normal. She wiped her sweating face with Dupatta. She wished to go downstairs.


“But it’s so hot inside Geet” Noor requested but Geet hurried to go away. She was feeling miserable. She knew it was Maan but what he was doing there, in darkness? Why he was walking near pond, at the same place he had waited for her!” these questions were paining her mind. Unknowingly her heart started wishing to see him, only for once. Though she couldn’t point out the reason but still, she wanted to meet him, talk him, and soothe his raging face. She couldn’t heed over the talk what Noor was processing but she was thinking about only him.\


Noor said it was her Namaz time. She went inside to pray leaving Geet alone in small room. Aloofness forced her to think more about him. She was alone. She wouldn’t get another chance to go out!


“What I’m thinking?” She scolded mentally. How desperately she was behaving. But that taunts even didn’t work over her eagerness. Pond wouldn’t be much far from here” her heart said. “But what if Noor came back or Maa..”


“They will not be back anytime soon Geet. And anyways you’re not going to spend life with him. Just a few minutes” her mind said.


“Chup! What you’re saying! Why would I spend life with him?” She shouted. She was embarrassed but also hesitated to accept, she actually like the feel, spending life with Maan. She smiled in shy. The thought doubly forced her to go there. To see him. She will not get this change again.


And finally she nodded.


Tip toeing she went in Noor room, found her preparing for worship. She silently came out of home, getting sure that no one was watching her. Her heart was beating terribly fast as if was going to steal something. And yes, it was correct. She was going to steal a beautiful moment from her restricted life. As she stepped out, wrapped her face completely with Dupatta and run toward pond.


The Namaaz sound coming out from several Maszids echoed in air like God was showering His blessing upon her.


She was running in full speed, huffing. She was tired and exhausted but couldn’t stop to fill breath in hungry lungs. She had very less time but had huge dreams to fulfil and finally, she stopped behind a tree. She peeped out.


Maan was sitting a few steps away from her, facing his back to Geet. But Geet could see him. She slowly started catching breathes, staring him, holding the veil of her face in fist and only her eyes were visible for outsiders and those eyes, felt glad to get vision of her stranger. She closed eyes to fill this sight for ever. Her heartbeats had become normal when she heard his voice.


“I knew, you’ll be back”


Startling up she opened eyes and found him, staring her, smiling. She gasped. Felt like had even lost the strength to run away or even to move. She remained stood there like a statue. Maan lifted hand to her face and opened the tied veil.